On-Site Sanitation Improvements and Regular Desludging in Dehiwala, Ratmalana, Moratuwa and Ja-Ela Area.

Project Summary

Number of Connections : 3785
Number of Beneficiaries : 18900
Project Area : Dehiwala, Ratmalana, Moratuwa, Jaela
Contract No : PD/GPOBA/ON-SITE/2015/18
Contractor : M/S USS Engineering/KSJ/Clean & Environmental.
Target Date of Completion : 31.08.2017
Subsidized Desludging (4 years) : 31.08.2021
Physical : Target : 93.2% - Achieved : 19%
Financial : Target : 80.5% - Achieved : 25.2%

The goal of this subproject is to provide improved sanitation facilities for low income households which are located away from existing sewers and have sufficient space to install treatment units within the premises. This system consists of pre casting and installation of a treatment unit (Combination of septic tank and anaerobic filter) within the premises, connecting Kitchen and Black Water from the household through c atch pits to the treatment unit, installation of a precast soakage pit and connection of a bathroom and treatment unit overflow line to the soakage pit. Further to that regular a desludging programme will be implemented via a subsidized system for four years after completion of construction work to ensure proper maintenance of the system.

Beneficiaries are selected on the basis of their monthly income and area of land available for the setup of the units. Though the communication campaign activities such as awareness programs, meetings, leaflet distribution, posters etc. Make the public aware regarding the project. Selection of beneficiaries will be done with the additional assistance of the relevant local authorities.

Beneficiary contribution per household is Rs.1950.00

Individual Household will benefit with followings,

  • Installation of Treatment unit
  • Construction of Toilet (If required)
  • Connect all wastewater outlets by constructing internal sewer

Total Target Number of Toilets: 1,135

Total Target Number of Treatment units: 3,785

Improvement Process,

Eligibility Criteria for On-site Sanitation Improvements

Area Income level (Rs.) Land plot area (Perches)
Dehiwala/Mt. Lavinia 30,000 20
Moratuwa/Ratmalana 30,000 20
Ja-ela/Ekala 30,000 20
Kolonnawa 30,000 20

Without Treatment Unit

With Treatment Unit

Treatment Unit

Treatment Unit Installation