Simplified and Conventional Extensions (1B & 1C1)

Project Summary

Number of Connections : 1475
Number of Beneficiaries : 7375
Contract No : PD/GPOBA/SCE/2013/08
Name of the Contractor : M/S Subasinghe Contractors and Earth Movers
Project Area : Dehiwala/Mt.Lavinia, Kolonnawa, Moratuwa/Ratmalana, Jaela/Ekala
Date of Commencement : 01.07.2015
Target Date of Completion : 31.12.2016
Physical : Target : 100% - Achieved : 90.2%
Financial : Target : 90% - Achieved : 46%
Number of connections completed :

Details of the Project

This sub project is organized under two categories, distinguishing “Connections to Conventional sewer extensions (1b)” from “Connections to simplified sewer extensions (1c1)”. Extensions with conventional sewer technology and connections for households located more than 20m from the main sewerage network are comes under “1b” and Extensions with simplified sewer (Shallow sewer) and connections for households located more than 20m from the main sewerage network comes under “1c1”.

Construction of Interceptor Manhole, connection to Y branch or manhole laying of new gravity sewer and connecting of grey and black water of household through catch pits to the interceptor shall be done under the both ofabove categories.

Under this sub project targeted to increase the household access in Dehiwala/Mt.Lavinia, Kolonnawa ,Ja-Ela/ekala and Moratuwa/Ratmalana area by providing sewerage connections to poor community who are living more than 20m away from existing sewerage network. Beneficiaries are selecting by limiting the monthly income and area of the lands. Though the communication campaign activities such as awareness programs, meetings, leaflet distribution etc will be done to make the community aware about this project and increase the beneficiaries under this project.