Project Summary

Number of Connections (Households) : 160
Number of Beneficiaries : 800
Project Area : Lunawa, Moratuwa
Contract No : PD/GPOBA/DEWATS/LUN/201/21
Contractor : Ceyoka Engineering
Date of Commencement : 07.07.2016
Target Date of Completion : 07.03.2017
Date of Completion :
Physical : Target : 100% - Achieved : 85%
Financial : Target : 90% - Achieved : 44%
Number of Connections Completed :
Sub Project Description

The LunawaSamudraShakthi housing scheme is situated 150m from the 20 km post along the Puranappu Raja Mawatha in the Moratuwa Divisional Secretary area of the Southern part of the Colombo city. It is about 20m away from center of the road. This is a low income housing settlement and which is managed under the Condominium Authority. There are 20 flats and each flat consist of 8 housing units. The total of 160 housing units are occupied by approximately 800 people. is the units are located 60m away from the sea in a low lying flat area with a high water table of approximately 1 meter.

These people are severely suffering from a lack of adequate sanitation facilities as they do not have access to a sound r waste water disposal system. Existing septic tanks and soakage pits are frequently overflowing. Wastewater has logged and stagnated in the backyards of some of the flats and mosquitoes and vector are breading in these areas causing public health concerns.

A Decentralized Wastewater Treatment system (DEWATS) was proposed for this scheme as it is to be located approximately more than 1.5 kilometers away from the existing sewerage network.

Proposed System

All toilets are connected to augmented septic tanks and the existing connecting system will be rehabilitated. Anaerobic Baffled Reactors (ABR) and anaerobic filters will be constructed adjacent to relevant septic tanks and a septic tank effluent line will be connected to the anaerobic Baffled reactors while a ABR effluent line will be connected to proposed manholes through anaerobic filter. A gravity collection network will be constructed along the road and finally it is to be connected to proposed pumping station. A 110mm diameterpumping main is proposed to tocross the Puranappu Raja Mawatha, railway lines and connected to the ea through 6m long outfall which is submerged at the end point by 1.5m below the sea.

Site Layout

Construction Works