Ratmalana Housing Scheme DEWATS

Project Summary

Number of Beneficiary H/H : 328
Number of Beneficiaries : 1640
Contract No : PD/GPOBA/DEWATS/2013/07
Contractor : M/S Ananda Construction (Pvt.) Ltd.
Date of Commenced : 24.04.2014
Date of Completion : 30.03.2015
Physical : Target : 100% - Achieved : 100%
Financial : Target : 100% - Achieved : 100%

The Tsunami scheme is situated near Ratmalana Economic Centre which is 500m away from Galle road (Golumadama Junction) in the Ratmalana divisional secretary area of the southern part of the Colombo city. This housing scheme consists of 328 housing units.

These people are severely suffering from lack of sanitation facilities as they are not having proper waste water disposal system. Existing septic tanks are frequently overflowing through open drains to nearby canal. Most of existing lines have been blocked and some of the sewers have been damaged. Existing anaerobic filters, pumping station and wetland have been abandoned and some part of structures has been damaged. Disinfection system also damaged and parts have been removed away by thieves due to poor security. Many complain have been received to Municipal councils from nearby people regarding overflowing of raw wastewater to existing canal.

1.1 Proposed system

It was proposed to do following rehabilitation work and management program as follows,

  • Cleaning and replacing of damaged pipes
  • Cleaning of septic tanks
  • Cleaning and repair works for anaerobic filters
  • Cleaning, planting of crops and repair works for wetlands
  • Supply and installation of pumps, panel boards and rehabilitation of wet well
  • Installation of chlorination system
  • Repairs for boundary wall and gate
  • Construction of watchers hut
  • Provision of security through Dehiwala Municipal Council
  • Construction of Interceptor manholes
  • Operation and maintenance to be done by NWSDB