Decentralized Wastewate Treatment System for Fisheries Houses, Diyawarapura

Project Summary

Total Connections : 64
Number of Beneficiaries : 320
Contract No : PD/GPOBA/DEWATS/2012/02
Contractor : M/S G & S Construction
Date of Commenced : 17.01.2013
Date of Completion : 28.12.2013
Physical : Target : 100% - Achieved : 100%
Financial : Target : 95% - Achieved : 100%

The Diyawarapura fisheries housing scheme is situated near the 5th km post along the new Galle road in the Moratuwa divisional secretary area of the southern part of the Colombo city. It is about 50m away from the main road. This is a low income housing settlement provided for fisheries families by the Ministry of fisher es. There are for flats and each flat consist of 16 housing units. The total of 64 housing units are occupying by approximately 300 people. This is located 150m away from the sea in a low lying flat surface area with a high water table of approximately 1 meter.

These people are severely suffering from lack of sanitation facilities as they are not having proper waste water disposal system. Existing septic tanks are frequently overflowing. Most of ground floor toilets are overflowing over the year.

DEWAT system was proposed for this scheme as it is approximately more than 5 kilometers away from the existing sewerage network.

Proposed System

All Toilets are Connected to Proposed Gravity sewer and Collected Wastewater Will be Connected to Rehabilitated Existing Septic Tanks. Effluent from the Septic Tank will filter from the anaerobic filter and Filtered waste water will be Disinfect at the wet Well of the Pump house and it will be pumped to the existing canal which is 150m away from the site.

Previous Situation of Back Yard of Houses

Current Situation of the Backyard and Anaerobic Filter Top