Badowita Simplified Extension with Pumping (1C2)

Project Summary

Total Connections : 1500
Number of Beneficiaries : 7500
Contract No : PD/GPOBA/SEP/2013/04
Contractor : M/S Squire Mech Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.
Date of Commenced : 20.01.2014
Date of Completion : 31.12.2016
Physical : Target : 100% - Achieved : 100%
Financial : Target : 100% - Achieved : 86%
Connections Complete : 1499

The Badovita Housing schemes are located in the Dehiwala / Mount Lavinia Municipal Council area. This project area comes under the Ratmalana Divisional Secretariat and Katukurunduwatta GN Division. There are 5 housing schemes include to the project, named accordingly asStage 1 to Stage 5. These housing schemes are located approximately 3km away from Galle Road. Nearly 1500 families currently reside in the Badovita area and population is around 7000.

These people are severely affected due to the lack of sanitation facilities as a suitable and sanitary waste water disposal system does not exist within the area. Existing septic tanks are frequently overflowing leading to public health issues within the area. Most of toilets are also susceptible to overflowing frequently, thus leading to unsanitary conditions within the area, making it less livable and contaminated.

Typical housing units range from 540-820 square feet and a majority of them fall below the poverty line.

Proposed system

All toilets, kitchen base water lines, bathrooms in the scheme are to be connected to a proposed gravity sewer and collected wastewater will be connected to the proposed pumping stations as shown in Figure 1.1. Collected waster water (WW ) from Catchment 1 will be connected to PS 1 and Catchment 2 collected WW will be directed to PS2. Pumped flow from PS1 and PS2 will be discharged to proposed collection manholes of catchment 03. All WW from catchment 01,02,03 will be directed to PS3. Main proposed pumping station(PS3) will be directed to the existing Pumping station constructed under the Moratuwa-Ratmalana wastewater project which is inturn directed to theSoysapura Wastewater Treatment Plant (SWTP).

All pumping stations will be automated by Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition SCADA systems and will be operated and monitored by SWTP plant office.

Key Plan, Proposed Wastewater Collection and Diposal System for Badovita



Reinstatement of Backyard After Laying of Pipes With Dish Drains

Construction of Control Room for PH3

Testing of Pumps

Construction of Pump House & Laying of Pipes at Badovit